Sweet Dreams Set

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Clear Quartz Ensures pleasant dreams whilst you’re sleeping | Empowers other crystals in set 

Amethyst assists in winding down | relieve stress | Clears unwanted thoughts 

Howlite Treats insomnia | soothing energy 

Blue Lace Agate calms mind | encourages positive self talk 

Who is this set for? 
Getting sufficient hours of sleep is vital for you to be on your best game. This set is a little combination of soothing, calming energies for a restful sleep. Works great for those who have trouble winding down and those suffering from insomnia or bad dreams.  

How to use? 
Hold your stones (out of the pouch) for a few minutes before bed thinking about how you want your body and mind to feel whilst going to sleep. Keep your pouch in your pillow during the night. 


Each of our healing crystal sets come in a beautiful white and gold/silver organza pouch to carry your stones in ✨


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Natural Stones

Each stone is inherently unique, rarely flawless, and exhibits natural characteristics indicative of authenticity.

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