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Bead Guide

  • STEP 1

    Firstly, cut a thin piece of paper or use a length of ribbon/string. You'll also need a pen, a ruler and the wrist of the person you're sizing

  • STEP 2

    Wrap the ribbon around your wrist and allow them to overlap. Using a pen, mark where the ribbon meets up as shown.

  • STEP 3

    Place the ribbon on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure from the end of the ribbon to the mark you made in step two. Note that jewellery should be 1" larger than your wrist size (add 1.5 inches for clasped bracelets or bracelets with 14mm beads)

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Secret Crystal Garden bracelets come in five size options:

• 6 inch (xs)

• 6.5 Inch (s)

• 7 inch (standard)

• 7.5 inch (L)

• 8 inch (XL)

We accept custom sizes too!

Please note that measurements are not exact as beads vary in size and shape. Expect that measurements may be slightly over or slightly under in measurement.

What is Faceting?

Faceting is a gemstome cutting technique that uses a series of small cuts to give the stone a gleaming lustre.

Necklace Lengths

What is Tarnish Resistant Jewellery?

Tarnish resistant does not mean tarnish proof. During production extra measures are taken to prevent tarnish occurring to extend the longevity of the piece with protective coatings and thicker than usual plating. Appropriate jewellery care is required.

Our Rhodium jewellery has a thick plating of 2 microns which is 10x thicker than fashion jewellery and not easily removed. Our 18k gold plated jewellery features real gold plated on top of stainless steel.

How to care for tarnish resistant or 18k stainless jewellery?
To get the most from your tarnish resistant or 18k jewellery • Keep jewellery dry. Don't wear it in water or apply chemicals near it, i.e., perfumes, lotions or cleaning agents • Do not excerise in them • Do not sleep in jewellery • Store in a dry dark place, preferably air tight

Tip for cleaning: When needed, use a cotton or microfibre cloth to gently wipe smudges and dirt (do not rub excessively).

The gold layer can wear down naturally over time to some pieces of jewellery. By following the advice above, you will help to protect your jewellery for longer. You can expect your 18k jewellery to last several years depending on use and care.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a precious metal that is strong and not so easily tarnished. This makes it suitable for everyday use and is also a great option for people with sensitivity. All of our sterling silver jewellery is 925 stamped for authenticity. 

How to care for sterling silver?
Although sterling silver is not easily tarnished it is still possible for this to happen if not stored and cared for appropriately. Here are some tips to keep your jewellery shiny and tarnish free:

•Wear your jewellery often. The natural oils in your skin will prevent tarnishing.

•Store them correctly. If you don’t wear your jewellery regularly it is best to store them separately in an airtight container or bag.

If tarnishing does occur, don’t stress! it only needs to be wiped with a polishing cloth (sold at most jewellery stores) to get them looking fresh again.