When will my order Ship?

We aim to get your order to you as soon as possible. You can expect a 3 - 5 (business) days average, although some handmade orders can take up to a week to process. If you need your order sooner please let us know.

How much does shipping cost?

All orders are shipped via Australia Post with tracking. Our flat rate is:

$9.95 Standard Shipping

$14.10 Express Shipping

Free shipping on all orders over $70

Do you have pickup options?

Yes, we offer pickup from the central coast. Contact for more info.


What is your exchange policy?

At Secret Crystal we always strive to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases. If you have selected the wrong item or simply do not feel happy with your choice, no worries. Send us an email to start the echange process. Pickup is recommended; otherwise, shipping will be at the buyer's expense.

Please see our refunds and exchanges page for more info

What is your Refund Policy?

If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase please contact us within 7 days of your purchase. In the event of a faulty item, a free repair or refund will be offered.

Please see our full refunds and exhanges policy for more info


How do i care for my jewellery?

To get the most from your jewellery purchase:

• Keep jewellery dry. Don't wear it in water or apply chemicals near it, i.e., perfumes, lotions or cleaning agents.

• Do not excerise in them

Tarnishing can occur naturally over time to some pieces of jewellery. By following the advice above, you will help to protect your jewellery for longer

How do i care for my crystals?

To get the most out of your crystal purchase:

• Keep colourful crystals away from hot windows as this can fade them, especially amethyst and rose quartz.

• Wash the dust off when needed. Research if the crystal is non-soluable before you put them in water. Don't put metallic crystals like pyrite in water.

• To maintain their metaphysical benefits crystals need to be cleansed and recharged every week to a month.

What does Tarnish Resistant mean?

Tarnish resistant does not mean tarnish proof. Extra measures are taken to prevent tarnish occurring to extend the longevity of the piece with protective coatings and thicker than usual plating. Appropriate jewellery care is required.

Our Rhodium jewellery has a thick plating of 2 microns which is 10x thicker than fashion jewellery. Our gold tarnish resistant jewellery is real gold plated on top of rhodium.

See our sizing and care page for how to care for your tarnish resistant jewellery.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a precious metal that is strong and not so easily tarnished. This makes it suitable for most people with sensitivity. All of our sterling silver jewellery is 925 stamped for authenticity. 

About us

is your business eco-friendly?

Secret Crystal Garden is an eco-concious business, taking many measures to reduce our impact on the planet. Some of the efforts we make are:

• Re-use of all packaging sent to us

• Recyclable boxes

• Padded mailers made from recycled materials.

• Kraft packing and wrapping materials

• Jewellery repair services to encourage reusing over buying new again

• Beautiful re-usable jewellery organzas

• Local Sourcing

Where are you located?

We are an online only store and do not have a physical store currently.

What makes us different?

• We offer more than one size choice and the option for a custom size.

• We are eco-friendly

• Low cost shipping

• We have 8 years experience with stones and jewellery making

• Almost all of our jewellery is customisable

• Most of our products are handmade

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as Afterpay and Paypal


How do i choose a crystal?

We strongly believe that "what is meant for you will find you" and that choosing the piece that stands out to you the most will be the strongest energetic match. Another option is to choose the stone that best matches the effect you want to achieve.

How do i use my crystals?

Where do you source your crystals?

Our crystal collection is sourced with care from a local Australian business with family connections to Sarah, the owner of Secret Crystal Garden. Other items are obtained directly from our shared, highly reputable international suppliers with whom we have a strong (in person)working relationship.

Why is there a price difference between crystals?

Three factors that impact the price of crystals:

• How rare it is. Where it is sourced from is a huge key in pricing of stones. If it is from only one country and mined on a small scale and also in high demand this will mean a pricier stone. This is the case with stones such as Larimar, Rhodochrosite, Charoite etc

• The grade. All stones have a cheaper and higher price point depending on how good the colour, clarity or formation is. Even a highly valuable stone such as ruby can be purchased for just $5 or $500 and more, all depending on the quality of the stone.

This difference may be noticed in our jewellery collection as the same design may be more highly priced according to the stone used.